Stud Black - Australian Bitumen Based Timber Dressing

Why use STUD Black Timber Dressings

Since their inception and development in 1980, STUD Black Timber Dressings have been Australia's superior black timber dressing for use on all timber post and rail fences. Here are the top five good reasons you should use STUD Black.

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  • Ease of
  • Reliability and

STUD Black timber dressings are blacker, more durable, have more body and are longer lasting. 

No ugly cracking or peeling.

STUD Black timber dressings are absorbed and continue to protect year after year.

Unlike expensive paints, STUD Black timber dressings do not trap underlying moisture in the timber (which causes rot).

Your timber continues to breathe and flex with the conditions, dramatically increasing the life of your fences.

Not only are STUD Black timber dressings significantly cheaper than acrylic paints and most coatings, they do not require rubbing back or expensive preparation of fences between coats.

When necessary, just re-coat.

Over thirty years of research and field work have contributed to the development of STUD Black timber dressings.

Water based, making them safer and healthier than bitumen cutbacks with their harsh thinners, they may be removed from the skin with baby oil.

STUD Black timber dressings are available to be sprayed, brushed on or applied with a roller, making fence protection available to everyone.

The Blanch family manufacture and supply to you directly.

You get friendly, reliable service and technical support from the people who have been supplying and applying this product to Australia's major thoroughbred studs for more than thirty years.

Use the fence protection the professionals use, and save!

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