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Located near Willow Tree, NSW, John Blanch and his family established STUD Black timber dressings in 1980 and have been the exclusive developers, manufacturers and distributors of all STUD Black products for the ensuing 30+ years.

As Australia's pioneers in black timber dressings for wooden post and rail fences and having contracted to many of Australia's top thoroughbred studs, you cannot beat our knowledge or expertise.

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p: 02 6747 1709

m: 0428 190 538 or 0412 995 068


a: PO Box 59, Willow Tree NSW 2339

Use the fence protection the professionals use, and save!

Why use STUD Black timber dressings, Australia's premier black fence finish for wooden post and rail fencesHow to apply and estimate coverage of STUD Black timber dressingsProducts, pricing and how to order STUD Black timber dressings