Stud Black - Australian Bitumen Based Timber Dressing

Application Information

Below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the use and application of STUD Black timber dressings.

  • Previously
    painted timber
  • New or
    bare timber
  • Application tools
    and cleaning
  • Temperature
  • Coverage

STUD Black timber dressings have been successfully used over most acrylic paints and timber finishes.

Loose and flaking paint and loose sapwood should be removed and soils (i.e. cattle yards) hosed off.

Apply STUD Black in an even coat, paying attention to filling timber blemishes.

Allow time for timber to dry out and for rain to wash sawdust and tannins from the surface.

Apply a liberal coat of STUD Black timber dressing under the point of drip off.

Apply carefully to top of rails and posts as these are the logical water entry points.

Apply STUD Black timber dressing with brush, roller or spray.

These and other tools may be cleaned initially in water.

However, if curing occurs, clean with fuel, i.e. petrol, diesel or mineral turps.

Do not apply if temperature is ten degrees celsius or falling.

Based on experience and estimated on new fencing (e.g. ironbark posts and rails), approximately six months old.

Single Rail (i.e. 1 post and 3 metre rail) 0.50 litre
2 Rail (i.e. 1 post and 2 x 3 metre rails) 0.75 litre
3 Rail (i.e. 1 post and 3 x 3 metre rails) 1.00 litre

Timber absorbency varies with area and varieties, so over order if timber is more absorbent. The above figures apply to brushable and sprayale STUD Black timber dressings.

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